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At Supernova Mercator Celje, a wide range of delicious food, refreshments and hot beverages await you and your friends.

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Good food and good people are home at Supernova

No one leaves Supernova Mercator Center hungry! Visit our restaurants, which offer a wide range of delicious food and pamper youself. Here is the home of heavenly good pizza, spicy Mexican food, delicious lasagna, gnocchi, noodles, pasta, burgers, and to top it all off, daily desserts.

A special feature of the varied offer in restaurants at Supernova Mercator Celje is the wide selection of LCHF dishes that do not contain sugar or gluten, so you can indulge in pleasures without any worries. Are we making you hungry? Good food and good people are at home at Supernova! Visit the restaurants at Supernova Mercator Celje and order something to eat that you will not forget soon.

Are you on your way and do not know what to snack on? We have a great idea for you! Stop at one of the grocery stores and browse the offer of daily food selection such as sandwiches, salads, vegetable wraps, sweet biscuit, or choose a delicious and crunchy loaf from the bakery program, where freshly baked delicacies are always waiting for you every day. At lunch, treat yourself to a cup of hot coffee in one of the great bars at Supernova Mercator Celje and treat yourself to a moment for yourself.

Invite a friend for coffee at Supernova Mercator Celje

When was the last time you invited a friend over for a cup of delicious coffee and reminisced about good times together? Invite her or him to Supernova Mercator Celje today and sit at one of the tables in our cafes and bars, where a wide selection of drinks and hot beverages awaits you. Choose coffee with milk, cocoa, tea, a glass of natural juice from fresh fruit, a cocktail,… Forget for a moment the wories of the daily life and relive the memories with a good drink or treat yourself to a cup of fragrant coffee to-go.

Ah, and do not forget to treat yourself to something sweet. Baked pastries, chocolate and fruit cakes per piece, crispy croissants or donuts are available. Enjoy the company of your friends with good food and drink and create unforgettable memories at Supernova Mercator Celje.